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Beautiful gourd Mate covered in leather, hand-engraved and painted. Handmade alpaca rim, strap and legs. Argentine Mate.

Made in Argentina
- This product is handmade. Therefore, it could slightly change from the published image, but always keeping the shape and quality of the materials -

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MaterialsGourd & nickel silver

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Mate cebado: It is prepared in a small gourd called mate filled with yerba mate. The infusion is made pouring hot water below boiling point into it cebando and it is drunk by sipping through a thin metal tube bombilla which has a filter at its lower end to prevent the broken yerba mate leaves from coming through. This is how it is traditionally prepared in Argentina; more than a simple drink it is a daily ritual. 1 - The gourd is filled three quarters of the way with yerba mate. 2 - Then the yerba is moistened to one side of the vessel with cold or lukewarm water. 3 - After it has been allowed to rest, the metal tube is inserted in the same moistened place. 4 - Now it is ready to start pouring the hot water, always below boiling point.

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