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  • Leather purse with geometry cutouts – Modern women's purse, handmade in goat suede leather, with delicate design laser perforated, and fringe that match perfectly with its design.

    Leather Purse with Geometry Cutouts

  • Beautiful handmade cape, in suede goat leather with goat bone buttons.

    Leather Fringe Cape

  • Excellent design and quality in women's clothing.

    Reversible Jacket

  • Women's coat: handmade with our best selection of sheepskin in coconut color, with sheeskin inside. Diagonal zipper to give the design a modern twist.

    Women's sheepskin coat

  • Original goat leather poncho, combined with sheep wool, Llama wool or cotton thread. Collar in wool. Variety of colors.

    Leather and wool poncho with buttons

  • Leather fringed poncho. Goat suede fringed poncho! Combined with sheep wool, Llama wool, or cotton thread.

    Leather fringed poncho.

  • Leather and wool pashmina. Goat suede pashmina with woolen collar. Original design!

    Leather and wool pashmina.


  • Men's Leather Down Vest

    Men's Leather Down Vest