Dear costumers,

Our online shopping on will be available from May 12th, 2020.
We are only shipping and delivering purchases from our flagship store located on 953 Florida St, (CABA) twice or three times a week.
Should you need an URGENT purchase, please consult us if we have it in stock first.

Looking forward to welcoming you at our stores again soon!
Best wishes!

  • Mates de alpaca y calabaza| El Boyero
  • Picaso hoja damasquinada
  • ‘Confort’ pen| El Boyero

    Rotating pens by Argentinian craftpeople, made with fallen pieces natural wood.

  • Knife and fork set with leather sheath
  • Mate y bombilla de alpaca cincelada a mano
  • Sterling silver and raw leather praying beads bracelet Sterling silver and raw leather praying beads bracelet
  • "Mate' covered in leather with Sgraffito decoration | El Boyero
  • Silver bracelet with ethnic design
  • Six leather coasters set
  • Small polo horse pewter plated statuette
  • Knife with handle in braided leather and nickel silver.
  • Bracelet with local pattern and alpaca Kultrun closure
  • Poncho with Pampa Cross design
  • Llama wool chall woven on loom
  • Belt with cut-out buckle and box
  • Boleadores with details in alpaca and braided raw leather cords

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  • Leather purse with geometry cutouts – Modern women's purse, handmade in goat suede leather, with delicate design laser perforated, and fringe that match perfectly with its design.

    Leather Purse with Geometry Cutouts

  • Beautiful handmade cape, in suede goat leather with goat bone buttons.

    Leather Fringe Cape

  • Excellent design and quality in women's clothing.

    Reversible Jacket

  • Women's coat: handmade with our best selection of sheepskin in coconut color, with sheeskin inside. Diagonal zipper to give the design a modern twist.

    Women's sheepskin coat

  • Original goat leather poncho, combined with sheep wool, Llama wool or cotton thread. Collar in wool. Variety of colors.

    Leather and wool poncho with buttons

  • Leather fringed poncho. Goat suede fringed poncho! Combined with sheep wool, Llama wool, or cotton thread.

    Leather fringed poncho.

  • Leather and wool pashmina. Goat suede pashmina with woolen collar. Original design!

    Leather and wool pashmina.


  • Men's Leather Down Vest

    Men's Leather Down Vest