General information

The capybara, Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris (Class Mammalia). It is the only species in its genus, which belongs to the family Hydrochoeridae, order Rodentia.

It's a semi-aquatic herbivorous animal, the largest living rodents.

Full-grown have a massive body, a large head with a blunt snout, short legs, and a very small tail. Their hair is coarse, reddish brown above and yellowish below. Capybaras reach between 105 and 135 cm (40-55 in) in length, and weigh 35 to 65 kg (75-140 lbs) and are similar to giant guinea-pigs in appearance. Capybaras eat only plants. They are fast runners and excellent swimmers, and have partially webbed feet.

About capybara leather

Argentina is the only country in the world which use Capybara leather for making products.

Capybaras are farmed especially for marketing. The big marks on the skin are scars that they make when they fight among them.

The skin is waterproof because the capybara is an amphibious animal. Its texture is soft and light.

How to take care capybara leather

Is possible to wash it carefully with water and soap, making some foam on the dirt. Is important to let it dry in the shadow.

Capybara is a protected species

All the animals that we use for making our products are in captivity, and they are registered in National Direction of Fauna.
The leathers are all stamped, which is authorized by the National Government. The exportations are checked by the corresponding country which is going to receive the product. This is a free procedure that allow the specie to go into any country in the world.

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