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Register procedure is very easy. We only ask for the needed information to deliver your product fast and correctly.

Once registered, the purchase procedure will be very easy too.
Select the product/s (Please, do not forget to select size and color when required).
1 - When you enter your name and last name, the website will automatically complete the form with your personal data.
2 - Addresses: You will see the address you entered when you registered. You can edit it if needed.
3 - Shipping Methods: You can select STANDARD SHIPPING (Generally, Argentine Post Office 'Correo Argentino', except in CABA) or pick up at our store on 953 Florida St. * We use FEDEX for the rest of the world.
4 - Payment Methods: We accept bank transfers,credit/debit cards using Mercado Pago. * For purchases made from outside of Argentina, please use Paypal.
5 - Once the payment is confirmed, you will receive an order confirmation message.

* Please, always check your order before confirming the purchase. We are very fast in starting the shipping process. If you realize you have made a mistake, please inform us immediately.


In Argentina, purchases can be paid with credit or debit cards using Mercado Pago, or bank transfer.

From other countries, purchases can be made using Paypal.


Shipping options vary depending on the delivery address.

Delivery options:
· Pick up your order at EL BOYERO store, de 953 Florida St, CABA, Buenos Aires, Argentina. - FREE

If you prefer to pick up your purchase at our store, you must show the invoice of your order and your ID.
· Delivery:

CABA: $ 4.000 / Free delivery for purchases over A$60.000

Other provinces: We use Correo Argentino (Argentine Post Office): $ 9.000 / Free delivery for purchases over A$ 60.000

Other countries: Fedex: The website will automatically calculate the shipping cost based on the products and theshipping address. / Free shipping for purchases over USD 300

Shippings using Correo Argentino and Fedex: Once we ship the package, we send to you the Tracking Number.


In the cart, you will see the products you have selected, and will be able to modify anything you need.

We cannot always guarantee that we have all products in stock.

In case we do not have your product in stock at the moment of your purchase, we will inform you and offer you the possibility of money refund, or exchange the previous item for another one, or wait for the product to be back in stock.

If it is an ugent purchase, we suggest you consult us first.


In your Wishlist you can save all the products you like.

It is very easy to use. Everytime you click on the WISHLIST symbol , the product will be added to that section. You can delete products any time you want by clicking on DELETE (on its right side).

To complete the purchase, please click on the product and continue with the process.

The WISHLIST is only for REGISTERED customers. The WISHLIST does not guarantee the product is in stock.


You will receive the order status of your purchase on your e-mail.

You can also check this information on "MY ACCOUNT". Clic aquí

If the package is already shipped, the order cannot be modified.


You can exchange your product for another one within 30 days of the date appearing on the purchase invoice.  Products must be unused/unwashed.

In case you cannot come to our store (distance or for any other reason), you can send the product to us (Shipping costs covered by the sender) and we will send you the new product using Correo Argentino (Shipping costs covered by El Boyero).


In order to make it easy for you, we have added a Size Chart. This will help you select the correct size of your clothing product.


You can select the GiftCard of your choice, based on the products and prices we offer.

BOYERO GIFT CARD expire after 365 days from the day it was purchased. After its expiration date, the Gift Card has no value.

If the product costs more than the value of the Gift Card,the difference must be paid. If the cost of the product is less than the value of the Gift Card, the differente will not be refund.

In all cases, Gift Card will be redeemed for the prices at the moment the customer presents it. In case of loss or theft, the Gift Card has no replacement.


How long does it take for my package to arrive?

We do our best to be fast in preparing and shipping your products. Generally, it takes between 24 to 48 hours to be prepared and shipped, plus shipping time (this varies depending on the shipping service Correo Argentino or Fedex). If the product you purchased is not in stock, we send to you a message informing you the estimated time of delivery.

What companies do you use for shipping?

In CABA, we use courier service (motorcycle).
Rest of Argentina, we use the Argentine Post Office (Correo Argentino).
Other countries, we use Fedex.

How long does it take for my package to arrive? (in Argentina)

In Argentina, we use the Argentine Post Office (Correo Argentino).
Delivery times are between 2 to 5 business days if it is in Buenos Aires Province. If the address is of another Province in Argentina, it may take from 3 to 8 business days.
Deliveries are made Mon-Fri from 9am - 6pm. Holidays, the post office is closed.

How long does it take for my package to arrive? (outside Argentina)

For international shippings, we use Fedex.
Delivery times vary between 7 to 20 business days, depending on the destination.
Deliveries are made Mon-Fri from 9am - 6pm. Holidays, the shipping services are closed.

Can I pick up the purchase at the store?

Yes. The moment you place your order, you can select the option to pick it up at our store (953 Florida Street). We will get in touch with you when the package is ready.

It is mandatory to show your ID when you come pick up your purchase at the store. In case you send someone else, a photocopy of the buyer's ID and an authorization siged by the buyer will be needed.

Download authorization

How can I track my package?

We will send the Tracking Number to your e-mail adress (either Correo Argentino or Fedex).

What happens if nobody's at home when the package arrives?

The post office pays 2 visits to the delivery address. If on the first time no one is at the house to receive the package, they will be back at the following business day. If nobosy is at home on the second day, they will leave a notification informing you that your package is at their branch. The package will be kept there in the Argentine Post Office (Correo Argentino) for about a week. After a week, the package will be sent back into our store. We will have to send it again and the cost will be covered by the customer.

Are there extra charges for international shippings?

Customs Office determines the taxes in each country. This may vary depending on the country, the value of the product, the country of origin and other circumstances. Therefore, we cannot inform you if you have to pay extra charges or not. If Customs Office in your country establishes that a tax must be paid for the package, this is covered by the customer.

Is it possible to shop in Argentina and send it to another country?

You can place your order in Argentina and we will use Fedex to ship it to a different country. It is very important that you enter the shipping address correctly, so the website calculates the correct shipping cost.

Can I shop from outside of Argentina and send it to this country?

You can shop online from any country in the world, and we will make sure your purchase is delivered to any part of Argentina that you need. It is very important to check that you entered the correct shipping address: Name, last name of the receiver, full address, city/town, post code, and province.

How can I buy a Gift Card?

The purchase process of a Gift Card is the same as any other of our products.

Once you are REGISTERED on our website, you will be able to select the Gift Card of your choice. We have Gift Cards for different ocasions and prices.

Please, select and print the Gift Card or send it through e-mail. If you send it through e-mail, please complete it with the correct e-mail address of the receiver.

The Gift Card can be sent immediately at the moment of purchase, or you can select a different day for us to send it to the receiver.

Then, please select the Gift card, its value, enter yours and the receiver's full name. You can include a warm message.

Lastly, you will see the complete order on the screen, and the website will take you to the Payment step, where you can pay with credit/debit card or bank transfer. From outside Argentina, please make the payment using PayPal.

What happens if payment processing problems occur ?

Mercado Pago may reject your payment due to: incorrect information, insufficient funds, or card expiration date.

In such cases, we suggest that you continue the payment processing with another credit/debit card and contact your bank or card company.

Do you engrave your products?

Yes, we do. We personalize our products with names, dates, phrases, logos and shields.

The used techniques are laser or pantograph.

If you need to make a wholesale purchase, we can make a stamp for your business branding.


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