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Nicke silver mate straw with removable filter. Bow design

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MaterialsNickel silver

USD 16.00

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How to clean an alpaca or silver Straw. Straws can have remains of Yerba (Mate leaves), sugar or other herbs that we like to add to the Mate, thus, if we don’t clean them often, straws tend to cover up. We need a medium-size stew, where the straws can be put horizontally, sodium bicarbonate, two slices of lemon, a tube cleaning brush for your straw and a small needle. Fill the stew with water and put i on the hob to heat. Add two or three spoons of sodium bicarbonate, two slices of lemon and fully immerse the straw it. Heat the water for 10 minutes, until it boils. Turn the fire down and clean the stew with cold water, take out the straws and let them dry on a clean and dry piece of cloth. Then, take the brush, remove the filter and clean the Straw inside until you remove all the remains. In case you have a straw with a filter in a palette or coconut shape, you must clean the holes with a needle to keep them airy. EL BOYERO

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