Mate, a healthy habit

When exactly the Guaranis discovered the virtues of yerba and how they developed the best way to enjoy it remains in the dark prehistoric past. We do know, however, that the Spaniards instantly adopted this indigenous habit and the Creoles converted it into a fruit of passion and identity. From the processing of yerba to the way it is consumed, the custom of drinking mate has remained unaltered from remote times through five centuries of history, taking deeper and deeper roots in the habits of the south of South America and even extending to far off places. In Argentina it is the beverage of highest consumption, second only to tap water, without class or age distinctions.

How to prepare Mate?

Mate cebado:

It is prepared in a small gourd called mate filled with yerba mate. The infusion is made pouring hot water below boiling point into it cebando and it is drunk by sipping through a thin metal tube bombilla which has a filter at its lower end to prevent the broken yerba mate leaves from coming through. This is how it is traditionally prepared in Argentina; more than a simple drink it is a daily ritual.

  1. The gourd is filled three quarters of the way with yerba mate.
  2. Then the yerba is moistened to one side of the vessel with cold or lukewarm water.
  3. After it has been allowed to rest, the metal tube is inserted in the same moistened place.
  4. Now it is ready to start pouring the hot water, always below boiling point.
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