Let's take care of each other. This is how we are working during this pandemia. LET'S TAKE CARE OF EACH OTHER, IN A RESPONSIBLE WAY. We would love to be able to offer this service, but, unfortunatelly, the shipping costs are very high and the policies about this in our country make it utterly impossible to afford (we have to pay between 70% and 80% in taxes on the product). What will always be possible is to exchange the product only in case you or any person of your trust comes to Argentina, no matter how much time has passed by. This will be accepted only as long as the product is in perfect conditions). We completely understand the risks of purchasing online, but we are also aware that the excellent quality and uniqueness of our products are worth the risk. RETURNS AND EXCHANGES If each one of us comply with the health care norms, we will be closer to finish this present lifestyle that we have to get use to by now. We strongly believe that health care is, at the moment, the only way to protect each other and the ones we love. Please, take care. Together, let's take responsibility against Covid-19. We ship worldwide using FedEx or DHL, leader companies in the worldwide shipping business. * Free worldwide for purchases over USD300. Don't miss this opportunity! WORLDWIDE SHIPPING Pay your purchases with credit card on PAYPAL, the safest and easiest platform to do it. PAYMENT METHOODS Dear customer: When you finish your purchase, you will see that we charge you the price of our product plus its shipping cost (Remember that purchases over USD 300 include free shipping). When the package reaches your country's Customs office, they will inform you if you have to pay taxes or not. In case you don't, they will hand the package to you. On the other hand, if you must pay taxes, a fee will have to be paid to receive the product. These fees and taxes depend on the price of your purchase and the country of destination. If you need more assistance on this subject, please contact us. Communication in advance is very important to avoid any problems for you or for us in the future. Thank you very much! DEAR CUSTOMER.